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Based near Fremantle, servicing Perth, south and north, of the river, with 31 years of experience.

Concrete Laying

Concrete Perfection provides concrete laying and poured limestone for residential housing, mining, industrial and commercial premises. We also do a wide range of limestone and concrete flooring for patios, alfresco areas, sheds, paths, house extensions, and offer a concrete repairs service. With Concrete Perfection you can enjoy the benefits of a maintenance-free limestone driveway that doesn’t get hot and has no weeds or cracks! Concrete Perfection will be your single point of contact from the beginning to the end of the job, so you can be sure you will get the results you want coupled with the best service in town.

Liquid Limestone Paving – The Cool Solution

The use of crushed limestone as aggregate has given us a new material, resistant to weeds and ants, great looking and cool and pleasant to the touch, even in the blazing sun we often experience in Perth.

At Concrete Perfection we specialise in liquid limestone paving, which requires expert preparation if it is to provide a durable surface. We create beautiful driveways, pathways, patios and other alfresco areas. We understand liquid limestone thoroughly, and know how to prepare, pour and seal it with techniques that avoid degradation through cracking and crumbling.

Paved surfaces are instinctively pleasing to the eye, giving pattern and texture in place of uniformity. But paving flags invite the growth of weeds and invasion by ants. Concrete Perfection has the solution, in the form of liquid limestone simulated paving.

Concrete Driveways

For a maintenance-free solution to surfacing your driveway, it’s hard to go past concrete. Inexpensive, durable and smooth, yet non-slip, Concrete Perfection concrete contractors now offer you 15 colours to choose from.

Concrete Repairs

As well as pouring concrete and liquid limestone, Concrete Perfection provides a concrete repair and cutting service for Perth. We trim and dress concrete surfaces that need to be reduced for planned renovations. Where concrete has flaked or cracked, we reinforce the area and pour new concrete to restore and match the area to the original finish.

Concrete Drainage

When concreting a large area that’s open to the weather, it’s vital to ensure good drainage. As well as allowing water to enter areas such as your garage, pooling of water for extended periods can damage concrete surfaces. At Concrete Perfection we know how to solve these drainage problems, and can install rainwater reticulation to take roof rainfall safely to underground drainage systems.

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